A JOANINHA, Bakery company, started operations in the Monastery Couto Portela Santa Comba Dao, in 1980. Do you feel the need for change in 1996 - space limitations, improve the quality of the manufacturing process - these being the most urgent .

In 1997 buys the former premises of Brijor, located in the ZIM Adiça - Tondela is transferred to plant in Santa Comba Dao, for new installations. The change process starts to the building, draws up a new project that is added a catering unit.

Company management consists of the members Joaquim Lourenço and Dina Lourenço (wife). Driving the company up to Joaquim Lourenço dynamic and experienced person in the field of baking and pastry exercising this profession about 30 years ago. This company is born and develops as a family business has been integrated into the company to his daughter Joana Lourenço with performance of various functions.

A JOANINHA DOIS are connected to a chain of pastry shops, located in the municipalities of Tondela, Tondela and Viseu, possessing a wide product range of fine pastries, and traditional bread.
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In 2003 it implemented the Auto-Control System (Haccp) in various areas of production, supervised by Controlvet.

In 2006 it completes the company licensing process and is open to the public the newly created and self-service unit and catering where we have manufacturing facilities and direct restoration service to the public, but also have a self online Tondela "A JOANINHA" and the provision of catering at Huf Portuguesa which already provide services since 2007.

In the field of pastry and bakery has an extensive customer base, in this county, Santa Comba Dao and Viseu, including Hospital São Teotónio de Viseu, Hospital of the University of Coimbra Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, preparatory and secondary schools, Solidarity Institutions social as well as some supermarket chains in the country.

After the consolidation of national clients in 2007 started exporting to several European countries, notably France, Luxembourg, Germany and others, representing the internationalization increasingly as a growth factor and expansion of the company.